Angel Beats! -1st beat- Detailed look at Iwasawa route! PART 2 – Affection

After stopping Iwasawa from singing, she immediately faints, causing whole concert to stop. At this point, I was worried about reactions of other SSS members, especially other members of the band, Iwasawa included. I mean, I did prevent her from disappearing, but purely because I knew it was going to happen because I’ve seen the anime. In the game on the other hand? You just had a bad feeling. Based on that, you disobeyed Yuri and even effectively stopped the diversion.

Despite that, Hisako’s reaction was actually quite friendly. After teachers send everyone to dorms, you offer to help clearing the place, whereupon Hisako asks you to help nursing fainted Iwasawa instead.

Next morning, you’re called out to teacher along with all Girls DeMo members. Their instruments were decided to not be confiscated under condition that such a thing won’t happen again. Sekine is obviously unhappy about having to obey NPC teachers like that, but since mission to rescue confiscated instruments would require diversion, which requires said instruments, it’s decided to do just that. Sekine jokingly suggests that boys of task force should just run naked around the school, or that Otonashi should pretend to harass Irie, which should cause enough diversion. Iwasawa is visibly lost deeply in thoughts the whole time, but it’s here she stands for you, saying you’re not that kind of man. Which made me actually happy, since even though you could see some progress in your relationship before, this was the first time she showed some affection without you having to go to see her in the classroom, interrupting her song-writing.

Otonashi: Iwasawa, if… you’d finished that song, you’d disappear from this world. Wouldn’t you?
Iwasawa: Eh? Is that so? Was my body getting transparent or something?

After dealing with teachers, you can go to talk to Iwasawa again. It’s this encounter, that I really felt that she stars to open up to you. Upon walking in, you say in serious tone you have something to talk about, bringing up the talk about her possibly disappearing during the concert if it not stopped in time.

Whereupon you’re presented with following choice: “Did I do a right thing?” or “Did I do a wrong thing?” They’re basically the same question if you ask me, but I don’t actually think it matters much what you say (and I might be horribly wrong about that, who knows). Anyway, picking the latter will result in slightly “deeper” conversation, with Iwasawa saying you that if that’s indeed the case, she’s actually thankful for what you did, because with her gone, the band would be in trouble.

Hey, did I…
do a right thing? / do a wrong thing?

After that, she ask you whether you don’t have some more fun topic. After saying you still don’t have memories, thus not much topics to discuss, she actually insists you tell her something interesting. Mind you say, finally, I didn’t feel like total bother, who just keep distracting her from work, she actually wanted to talk herself!

Since this moment, she starts giving you rather mixed messages, some reactions suggesting she has feelings for you, some suggesting she sees you as just a friend. Now, I’ve mentioned before complexity of the choice design, so those reactions really made me feel like I’m being friendzoned by my crush, i.e. I screwed up with some of the choices and am heading now for neutral/bad ending. Remember the intro in the first part of this series, where I discussed shortly what does make good fiction a good fiction? This part of the game is actually when I’ve put that into words.

The story you tell her goes in the spirit of your precious “science” talks, without any choice this time. Which rewards you with the nicest smile Iwasawa never showed in the anime. Little side note here, I thought how cool it is she opened herself up to me enough to show me that smile, while she actually show it to you upon like your second encounter (right before she disappears) if you play Yui route. Then again, she was in nostalgic mood hearing Yui’s street performance, so I guess I can live with that. Just thought it was worth mentioning

Her personality changes quite often…

After lunch, you are bumped into by Irie, who was pushed by Sekine to raise a “love flag,” but the whole scene escalates pretty quickly to both of them totally shipping you with Iwasawa. They took notice of your conversations with her and are actually really surprised, because apparently you’re the first one ever having conversations with her about anything else besides music. And that’s including other members of Girls DeMo. I guess she really is total music geek. You keep saying that you don’t have any ulterior motives, but Sekine’s reaction to that is “just make them!

After that, you head to Iwasawa again. Seeing her practice makes you want to see the real performance sometime. This time around, however, you don’t end up talking to Iwasawa, because for whatever reason, you’re late and it’s already time for regular meeting in the principal’s office. Seeing Iwasawa approaching the door gives you choice to guess why, letting you choose between “she saw me and goes to meet me” and “she must have just decided to have a break.” Now this, I believe is rather insignificant choice that I wouldn’t normally even mention, but I’ve noticed one interesting thing about it, which is going to pop up later on, so keep that in mind. Or don’t I’ll just remind you anyway.

Irie: But hey, Shiorin… what’s going to happen if you become happy in this world?
Sekine: You’re going to be happy for all eternity, of course!
(you have no idea how wrong you are T.T I know not much is happening in this part, so here you have at least some foreshadowing!)

One of the scenes with the mixed signals I mentioned earlier follows, with her noticing you acting strange and asking whether she does smell with sweat or something. Whereupon, I’m kidding you not, you get following choices: “Yes, you do,” “no, you don’t” and “Yes, you do, but I like it.” Ah, God, Maeda, what the hell? 😀

Anyway, by picking the obvious correct choice (no), she acts shy, telling you in rather embarrassed voice not to act strangely then, so she won’t get a weird thoughts. Just to turn you down without a second of hesitation minute later, when Ooyama (大山) notices you arrived together and asks whether there’s someting between you two.

Now what was the meeting about, you might ask. Remember the baseball tournament from the anime? Yep, that’s about to happen. But in very different way, actually. After turning Hinata down in series of choices and him starting to suspect you secretly hate him (sorry, Hinata T.T), you can go and join Girls DeMo’s team, which consist of four member of the band, four NPC fans, and newly you.

Apparently, their baseball team is pitifully weak, but they don’t care all that much. If they win at least once, they call it a good tournament. But one of the NPCs, Yamakura (山倉) has different opinion and would like to carry Girls DeMo to victory. With you, doing good during the training, he believes it’s possible this year, which is actually his last year, so you decide (optionally) to train with him. You continue until it’s so dark you can barely see the ball.

Time to play some baseball!

Next morning, the tournament begins. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge whatsoever on rules of baseball, so this part might as well have been in Chinese. That’s also why this is the only part where I had to use walkthrough, because – yeah, sure, the ball did this, but is that good or not? Is swinging bat at this moment brave, stupid, or what? Which is kind of a shame, because last scene where it looked like you’re going to lose really felt like it was quite intense, but I had problems to even understand that we’re losing, until Sekine unexpectedly caught the ball and did… something and then we won. Baseball, yeah!

But thanks to the walkthrough, I’ve noticed interesting thing; do you remember the meaningless choice I mentioned earlier? At one point during the game, Iwasawa says something to you across the field, by just moving her lips. You can try to guess what she was saying with a choice. If you’ve previously chosen “she saw me and goes to meet me,” you get one additional choice, that wouldn’t be available otherwise, letting you guess she said “If you pull this off, I’ll kiss you.” I don’t actually think this is required to get in order to get locked into the route properly, but I thought it’s interesting to mention. I really love small details like that in the choice design.

And it gives you extra scene with Iwasawa, too, where you can ask her for the kiss. She’s confused, though, saying she wouldn’t promise anything like that, then asking whether you didn’t mistake her with Sekine or Irie. Without hesitation or blushing, mind you, adding some more mixed signals, this time with bold no.

After winning the game, Yamakura runs up to Iwasawa and confesses his love to her. At this moment, everyone, me included, was like, what?! When she refuses him, he just smiles and says he expected that. Then he starts talking about his previous life, revealing he actually – to everyone’s surprise – was an actual human all along.

It turns out that when he was alive, he was in baseball club and was in love with manager’s daughter. He made resolution to confess his love to her upon his team’s victory in upcoming tournament. But fate was, once again, heartless to charactes of Angel Beats!. Before tournament started, Yamakura’s got caught in an accident and dies, waking up in the afterlife without getting a chance to confess.

Next are semifinals. Let’s win two more times and win the whole tournament!

He then throw his hat into the air, proclaiming happily: “Next are semifinals. Let’s win two more times and win the whole tournament!

…which become his last words in the afterlife. After break, the team looks for him everywhere, but can’t find him. This part was actually quite sad.

Because one teammate is now missing, Girls DeMo team decides to call it a game and withdraws from the tournament.

And with that, let’s end the second part here. I really hoped I’d squeeze the date in here, but I didn’t realize it’s not happened until little more later, after the arc with making Kanade (かなで) fail all the tests you might remember from the anime. Which is actually what follows, so look forward to it, interesting stuff is going to happen!

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 (coming soon)


3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! -1st beat- Detailed look at Iwasawa route! PART 2 – Affection

  1. Hey Honza!

    I’m stumbling my way through Iwasawa’s path, due to my little more than basic Japanese skills. You’re summerization has helped me better understand the story I was struggling through. So can’t wait for part 3 when ever your write it! Please say soon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello!
      I didn’t unfortunatelly have much time lately to do stuff on the blog at all, but I’d love to get back to this series when I can, which will hopefully be soon. Feel free to follow and you’ll get notified when that happens.


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