13 thoughts on “Real Account: what’s going on with the 1st/2nd story?

    1. Oh man I read the manga and was so entertained by the first MC wasn’t able enjoy the second as much and I’m sure I would’ve if I didn’t get so attached to him. And to be honest, I thought the author purposely introduced him just so that the twin’s relationship and reaction would be explored more and I literary got goosebumps just thinking about it! But I was kind of upset that they changed the whole MC. I loved both the hero and heroin of the first volume.. I hope they come up again.
      Anyways amazing review and I really hope you are wrong about Ataru never being a part of the plot too!

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  1. I liked your review. I was frustrated with the story being taken over by “Yuuma” but it was still pretty good. I’m still waiting on the manga update ._., and I just tried to read the raw by myself. It involved my limited knowledge of japanese after taking classes, and looking up translations of the words I COULD read but didn’t understand. I’m having so much trouble with it, so I think I’ll just wait for it? That was one of my questions too, whether or not they’d meet. I’m glad you found out that they will. I can’t imagine what will follow the “I’m home.” What even led to that. Sigh, the questions that keep piling up. I think I got even more questions made than questions answered. Such a good manga.

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    1. yeah, the first sentence pretty much sumarizes my feelings too. I believe the first untranslated chapter now is the one with the child book, during the festival game (?). if so, that’s actually probably the most difficult to read part in all those 30 untranslated chapters 😀 proper understanding of japanese requires some practice >.< but you can get there 😀


  2. I’m extremely frustrated that the translation seems to have dropped completely in November. I was a little confused when the transition happened but I went with it lol, I’m still looking for completed and translated chapters so I can continue. If anyone finds them, please tell me TT^TT


  3. Wow, you and I are alike lol. I prefer the first part a little more than the second and Koyori was also my favorite.
    The only difference is our reactions to “the promise Ataru made to Koyori”, because I had a more negative feeling to that line as it sounded as if Koyori is dead and Ataru made a promise to her before her last breath. I hope I’m wrong tho.

    Anyway, tell me your theories on Koyori, and any progress in the untranslated chapters? I don’t mind spoilers. Thx ^^


    1. well, I also hope you’re wrong about that 😀
      unfortunately I haven’t got to the latest chapters yet, so I don’t really have any new theories about this manga, sorry ^^;; hopefully I’ll get to it in future though 😀


  4. I was only reading the manga because of the first mc and kanda, supppppper disappointed about the second story. Seems like the author just said f@&k it and restarted the whole thing. The second brother isn’t even interesting and the other characters just suck in general.


  5. I liked your view on this manga. I actually just started reading this manga, i have volumes 1 thru 4 which are chapter 1 thru chapter 24 (basically the whole 1st story and 2nd story. And i am currently waiting for volume 5 so i can find out whether or not the brothers’ will meet, please don’t spoiled the surprise for me, lol), and I’m looking forward to the next volume. My opinion in this to be honest with you, i actually liked both-sides stories of the manga because it tells the readers a different side survival struggle that Yuma had to go through, its quite the opposite from your opinion, i do value the points you made though, and as you mentioned, it gives a prospected idea that not all Account’s players goes/gets the same gameplays. I liked how it was planned :), though yeah, yuma’s introduction story was a bit boring but it had an importance role for readers to know.

    Ah!, but i think you made a mistake with one of your pointviews, just to clarify one thing, in the 1st story of Real Account it is true that Atari’s number is 410 and Koyori’s number is 404, however, in the 2nd story of Real Account Yuma’s number is 1315 and seeing how Ayame is in that arc along with yuma we can pretty much guess her number is around the 1301’s-1500’s+? seeing numbers from the doors of the entrance of the ‘Appease the Attention-Seeker’ chapter arc, therefore it contradicts your view of Atari and Koyori supposedly should’ve taken the same participation game instead of the dark history game. Clearing that out the story does make sense now right?, because it’s telling Yuma’s struggle story without involving the previous two characters from the 1st story, and as you also mentioned it only gets tied up to Atari’s story when its revealed that yuma is the 4th place favorite player from the bet that everyone in the real world made of ‘who will survive to the end?’. My thoughts in that moment was the curiosity of who was the 3rd place favorite player? (0-0″) since that was never shown?.

    I’m sure you’re waaaaaaay ahead from my reading; but i don’t like jumping to conclusion, one spolier that you did gave me was that at some point the brothers do meet?, withouth giving too much details xD so i thank you for that.
    After reading this manga i came across the other chapters online but i like supporting the mangaka by buying his manga. But i do hope the mangaka doesn’t leave this manga in cliffhanger because i swear -_- i’ll be.. urrrghh.. D< i hate it when mangakas do that cliffhanger story line. It’s so frustrating.

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    1. Hello! Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion. Regarding the second paragraph, I’m not sure what your argument is though. Yuma’s number in the second story is indeed 1315 and Ayame’s is 1345, but there were numerous rooms in the attention seeker game, each with different attention seeker and different set of players. One room that was only briefly mentioned in one panel was room with players with numbers 301 – 600, which is the range where Koyori and Ataru should fall into. Unless I misunderstood what you’re trying to say, your argument doesn’t change that.

      I’m probably not that way ahead of you by the way, I stopped reading when I ran out of chapters to read (which was on crazy cliffhanger btw xD) and haven’t actually read more yet. Few latest manga volumes I own (up to 10th) are still wrapped and untouched on my shelf 😀

      Glad to hear you’re supporting the industry by buying the manga, keep it up 🙂


  6. I like your blog im also curios and i have this one question in my mind why did ataru and yuuma fight sorry my mind is just grumble because of my curiosity i just wonder why they fight


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